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A medical doctor in Sokoto, Nigeria has confessed to raping his patient (a woman) at Usmanu Danfodiyo University Teaching Hospital. The name of the medical doctor is Tijjani Faruk. He said he raped the woman after “administering sedative injection on her”.  Daily Nigerian report that, the patient’s husband was referred by family friend to Dr. Tijjani Faruk to treat his wife for fibroids.

Dr Tijjani Ahmad Faruk

Dr Tijjani Ahmad Faruk


This is the full statement from victim’s husband of what happened   

“He called me one Friday afternoon requesting me to send my wife to him for further medical examination on Saturday 10am. Unknown to me that the doctor had evil plan to rape my wife, I did as requested.

“When she woke up at 7pm on that Saturday, she discovered that Dr Tijjani Ahmad Faruq (TJ) had sexual intercourse with her while she was unconscious.

“When she asked him why he did that that to her, he gave no reason, but only apologized and pleaded with her to forgive him. When she asked Dr Tijjani about the family planning pills she was supposed to use in order to prevent immediate conception after the fibroid operation, he said she won’t be able to conceive again.


“A series of womb ultrasounds carried out at Usmanu Danfodiyo University Teaching Hospital (UDUTH) and Zafafi Hospital of Bello Way Sokoto showed that Dr Tijjani has instead of only removing the fibroid complained of, negligently sewed and blocked my wife’s womb, thereby rendering her permanently sterile. But since that fateful day, I noticed that my wife had refused to visit his hospital whenever I directed her to do so. When she finally revealed the shocking news to me that her doctor raped her and everything that transpired on that day, I instructed her to go once again in order to have his confessions on tape.


“During the sting operation I arranged with my wife to get a proof, my wife confronted him again on why he raped her, the doctor was heard on tape saying ‘this will be the end of your marriage if you tell your husband’.

“Even on that very day she went to secretly have his confessions on tape, he struggled to rape her but she refused”.


So far, Dr. Tijjani Faruk has not been charge with any crime. He faces being expel from practicing medical doctor in Nigeria. Commissioner of Health for Sokoto State, Ali Inname said his ministry department is investigating the case.

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