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In a recent post shared on her Instagram, the former reality TV star revealed that she kept her pregnancy journey to herself because she didn't want any negativity attached to it - Many fans have congratulated the ivory beauty on the arrival of her new baby Former reality TV star, TBoss, is a new mother and is super excited about beginning her motherhood journey. The ivory beauty who had previously denied being pregnant has finally confirmed that she was expecting and is now a new mother.

In a post shared on her Instagram page, TBoss stated that she hid the news of her pregnancy from the world because she wanted to avoid negativity and needed to enjoy the journey and pay attention to herself and her growing fetus.

After successfully carrying the child for months, the former reality TV star recently welcomed her child and announced that she is a new mother. Many social media users have taken to the comment section of her post to congratulate her and wish her all the best as she enjoys motherhood and what it is to raise a human being.





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