by on July 24, 2019

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom has appointed Boris Johnson as the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He was appointed after the resignation of British Prime Minister Theresa May. The new Prime Minister visited the Buckingham Palace and met with Queen Elizabeth II. Prime Minster Boris gave his first new conference as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in front of the 10 Downing Street (the British Prime Minister residence). He outlined this plans and policies for the UK. He also, reaffirmed Britain desire to leave the European Union by October 31, 20019 “no ifs, no buts" and the buck stops with me”. During his speech, he said quote “the people who bet against Britain are going to lose their shirts because we are going to restore trust in our democracy”. "The time has come to act, to take decisions and change this country for the better."

Boris Johnson gives his first speech in 10 Downing Street as British Prime Minster.

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