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An American Singer, R. Kelly is facing new and unprecedented legal jeopardy after federal prosecutors in New York and Illinois charged him with a wide slate of criminal counts, including racketeering and production of child pornography.

Though the singer already faces lengthy state charges in Illinois, the sweeping new federal indictments carry potential sentences that could ensure Kelly spends most of or all of his life in prison.

“His life is on the line now,” said Lou Shapiro, a state and federal criminal law attorney in Los Angeles. “There are mandatory sentencing minimums in the federal arena; that’s why this is so dangerous.”

Late Thursday, Kelly was arrested on federal sex trafficking charges. He had been free on $1 million bond from state charges filed earlier this year, but is now being held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago. Usually, an offender facing federal charges could be allowed to remain free before trial, but Shapiro said, “I think he’ll be kept in. Ordinarily, he would be released, but the charges are so egregious, and he has every reason to flee.”

Kelly, 52, will face those charges in both Brooklyn and Chicago courts, where the allegations depict an organized effort from him and his business and personal associates to recruit and transport underage girls over state lines for illegal sexual purposes, including the production of child pornography, and to coerce them from testifying against him.

In this courtroom sketch, R&B singer R. Kelly, center, appears before U.S. Magistrate Shelia M. Finnegan, left, in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois on July 12 in Chicago. (Tom Gianni / AP)


In Brooklyn, federal prosecutors indicted Kelly on five counts, including a racketeering charge and four violations of the Mann Act (which prohibits crossing state lines for illegal sexual purposes).










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